Inspirational Artisantopian – Robyn Lindsey

Inspirational Artisantopian – Robyn Lindsey

Welcome to the fifth in the Inspirational Artisantopian interview series – where I talk to creative people who are using the Internet to support or inspire their creativity and that of others.

Today I’m pleased to introduce you to Robyn Lindsey of Empowered Life.


Robyn, would you mind introducing yourself and describing your creative interests?

Sure, let me just jump right in and say that I am a certified life coach and own Empowered Life Personal Coaching at  I am a mother, a crafter, a photographer, a bookbinder.  I  have a shop on etsy where I sell handbound journals and photography, along with some life coaching products.  I run an online Artist Empowerment Class and am currently working on a class to deal with grief.  My coaching business is geared towards empowering women and helping struggling artists to overcome their barriers. 

What are your favourite technological and non-technological tools that you use in your creative endeavours?

I use my conversations and relationships both online and off to help me decide what products/ information I need to make available to help others.  I notice recurring themes, if I realize that several people are struggling with the same thing, a product (e-course, card set, informational pdf, a newsletter post) is born.  I also love to brainstorm with my tribe and the amazing women on Goddess Leonie’s Goddess Circle. 

Where do you go, online and off, to replenish your well? 


Offline, I hang out with my children.  I go to the park, I explore the beautiful areas we have in the Pacific Northwest.  I hike and see waterfalls, or go to the beach.  I used to have a dream of a cabin in the woods… where I’d go away, all by myself and just refuel.  I still want that cabin in the woods… but I want to drag my friends and family with me!  Online, I see what my beautiful friend Connie is up to at  She quit her job last year to be a full time artist and her openness about her journey and daily struggles is so heartwarming to me.  I also have been a long time reader of  I am not sure that I have ever even commented on there, but she is such an inspiration to me… so real. 

As you are sitting down to write for your website how do you know that what you are creating is something special and helpful? That it will resonate with other people?

I refer to those recurring themes.  I create as if I’m coaching someone right there with me.  I generally have a ‘test run’ with my tribe, or other friends.  I get input, I tweak, I brainstorm.  Then I put it out into the world!

You can find Robyn at:


Thank you so much Robyn!

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