Snippets #4

I really enjoyed this article on Wish Studio about blending creativity with motherhood, as it’s something I struggle with. I’ve been thinking a lot over the past few days how by trying to separate these two parts of my life, I am creating unnecessary struggle for myself. This line really resonated with me:

A mother is a mother even when her kids are at school and she’s at her day job or when she’s up late finishing a painting; she is also still an artist even while she changes diapers and does the laundry.

So, I have been trying to implement the idea of “creating in the middle of things”. My first step was putting together a bag with a few small, self-contained projects that I can just grab and take with me. So far this past week I have done some knitting while my son was playing football and I did some sketches of ideas that have been floating around in my head while I watched the kids at a playground. It felt good to fit in some creating where I never would have before.

I am always left speechless by Andrea Gibson. Watch this, it’s worth investing the time. You will thank me, I promise.

You know about PostSecret, right?? No? Then go there now. Seriously. NOW.

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2 Responses to Snippets #4

  1. Hey Michelle,

    You said I would thank you for investing the time to watch this video, and I am. Thank You. It moved me to tears. I didn’t think I would stay still to LISTEN to the full 12+min. But I did.

    And I’m glad I did. It was amazing. And I agree with her. Don’t support the yellow ribbons. Bring the boys and men who want to come home from the war home. And hold them tight.


  2. Michelle Millichip says:

    Thank you Rachel, I’m glad you stuck with it and found it moving. Andrea’s poetry always gives me goosebumps.

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