Inspirational Artisantopian – Goddess Leonie

Inspirational Artisantopian – Goddess Leonie

Goddess Leonie, of is one of the most unique, inspiring, glitter-sprinkling people you are ever likely to meet. And it is my honour to be interviewing her today.

Goddess Leonie is a mum, a writer, artist, creator, retreat maker and blogger who supports her family from her blogging.  Her focus, no her passion, is helping women discover the creative, wise, joyful goddess inside them. She does all this from a cottage in tropical paradise in Australia. She is successfully, authentically, sparklingly making a living from her creativity on the Internet.

I have been following Goddess Leonie for nearly 2 years now I think, and she often stops me in my tracks with the wisdom and beauty of her words. I do have a little confession to make, I’m not anywhere near as goddess-like as Leonie, but I still find myself drawn to her enthusiasm, joy, openness and caring nature. And she has helped remind me of the glitter loving girl inside!

So, to the interview:

How did you find your “tribe” online? Or, how did they find you!?

My whole thang is…

I just turn up.

And share my story.

As deeply, sagely & whole-heartedly as I can.

And my kindred spirits find me.

And we become BFF.

And we all live happily ever after.

The End 🙂

What are your favourite technological and non-technological tools that you use in your business?

I heart my Mac laptop forever. I used to be a PC girl, but Macs are just so dang fun to create with!!!

I create all my videos & podcasts & ebooks & ecourses on my wee Mac laptop. Usually up the top of the tree I work in.

Where do you go, online and off, to replenish your well?


I tend to not look to other blogs for replenishing… they can make me second-guess myself and my gifts too much. And sometimes, I feel all caught up in other people’s energy, ya know?

So the best place to go is outside.

I scoop up my baby daughter and we trot outside and we feel the wind kissing our cheeks and the eagles flying overhead. And my very fluffy puppies run around like crazed dune buggies barking at anything that moves. And we eat cherry tomatoes off the wild bush that we found blossoming up in our yard.

And I lean up against a tree and look at the sky and remember that life is good and that there’s a whole, beautiful world out there. The very best healer I could ever need.

As a relatively new mum myself (my kids are 5 and 2.5 yrs old and I’m still learning new stuff everyday) I have enjoyed watching you settle into your role as Mama to Ostara. I have been deeply touched by many of the things you have written about becoming a mum. Besides providing lots of cuteness for your Instagram feeds!, how has having Ostara affected your writing and your business?

Ha! Ostara is total Instagram fodder. She is just so dang CUTE!


Becoming a mama was the most difficult initiation I’ve ever undertaken. I’m sure all mamas know what I speak of. One moment you hold your soft round belly, and the next moment, you become a mama. Life as you know it is wiped clean. You became a conch shell that exists to hold and feet a tiny, meowing little soul. All thoughts and moments for yourself are lost in the momentous task of caring and tending to one who cannot care for themselves.

Becoming a mama has made me infinitely more compassionate for & understanding of the journey that women and mamas take. We are strong, incredible souls. And in that too, my heart is wide open & bursting at wanting to help & serve other women to re-find & re-discover themselves & their joy again after the initiation of mamahood.

On a practical level, I am also very adept at Making Shtuff Happen Very Quickly now. I have 2 hours a day to myself. The internet goes OFF, the laptop comes ON, and I write like a shewoman for two hours straight.

I just pour out all the magic I can in two hours. That’s all I have right now.

AND I totally co-create with her too!

You are a prolific producer of content for your web site. How do you deal with the distractions of email/Twitter/Facebook/other blogs/etc to still generate regular, quality content?

I swear I’m creating more now that I have a babe and I have to create in very short bursts of time. I’m always out of the house up my office tree – it’s a ginormous ancient fig tree – or in a cafe with cupcakes, so I just can’t switch online. SO! The lesson here is – if you need to get work done, go up a tree. Or anywhere that’s net-free.

Also, I am a fan of Riding Wild Donkeys.

How do you decide what to share? You are often very open in sharing your life online, but are there ever times when you decide not to share something?

I listen to my gut & instinct.

It hasn’t failed me yet.

I’m totally okay with telling the world I’m six weeks pregnant. I’m totally okay with crying on video because of a miscarriage scare. I’m totally okay with sharing (semi-nekkid) birth photos & our birth story.

I’m okay with those things because it lit me up and I knew it was the right thing to do.

There are many other things that I don’t share simply because my gut says not to. And that’s cool with me.

And my love (who is very hot) is much more private than me, so I usually ask his permission before I write something about him or post too many photos of him. Because oh my goshness, it would be a 24/7 tsunami of Chris hotness if I didn’t.

As you are sitting down to write how do you know that what you are creating is something special and helpful? That it will resonate with other people?

If I can give myself goosebumps & tears, that’s when I know I’ve done my job, and listened.

You have recently spoken about how you spent a long time developing your creative muscles. What tools or resources did you find the most useful in building those muscles?

I tend to ignore what everyone else is doing and just make what’s inside me.

I go roll around on a canvas outside and smother myself with paint. I create a retreat without ever being to one before. I just listen and pour out the miracles and story that’s inside me.

You have also been talking alot about how you then started focusing on building your business muscles, and are putting all that you have learned into your Business Goddess kit (which I have just downloaded and can’t wait to dive into!). Can you please give us an overview of what you will be covering?

Oh my gosh! Yes! The Become a Business Goddess e-course starts May 1st.

So for the last year, I’ve been pouring everything I know into creating the Become a Business Goddess e-course. It’s HUGE. Ginormous. Absoloodely all the wisdom & inspiration & guidance & genius bits I could muster.

And we’ll be covering:

• 8 Ways to make Money Online

• The Blueprint of how I did it: with all ze juicy goss

• The Practical Parts: website, pricing, techie bits

• 100 Ways to market magically, mindfully & joyously

• How to stay sane & joyful when business gets BUSY

AND I’ve been brewing up some deeeelicious bonuses:

• Profiles of Business Gods & Goddesses

• The Becoming a Business Goddess workbook

• The Magic Money Maker kit.

There’s over 150 pages of wisdom + genius + experience + love in this baby. All the business goddess goodness you could need.

This isn’t just an e-course for beginners.

I totally & firmly believe that EVERY goddess at EVERY stage of their business will get wisdom & mojo from this course… enough to make their money back ten times over.

I’m SO excited about this. My goddess business has been a massive dream come true for me & my family… and I so want to help other goddesses share their gift with the world & earn a really joyful, abundant income from it!!!

Thank you so much Goddess Leonie!!

I have just downloaded the Business Goddess e-course and am about to start working though it, so watch out for a review very soon!!

And I have just joined the Goddess Circle which I’m really enjoying. It’s such a friendly, welcoming place. I’ll do a review of the Circle soon too!

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  1. Mariepierre says:

    What a wonderful post and interview. I’m also a big fan of Goddess Leonie and I’m saving your post in my favorites. Soooooooooooo full of wonderful stuff. Right what I needed. The timing is perfect. Thanks you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gina says:

    Love this interview too! I’m a raving Goddess Leonie fan as well. Thanks for sharing this interview.
    Love your site….really nice!
    Gina (from the GC) 🙂

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