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Inspirational Artisantopian – Goddess Leonie

Inspirational Artisantopian – Goddess Leonie

Goddess Leonie, of GoddessGuidebook.com is one of the most unique, inspiring, glitter-sprinkling people you are ever likely to meet. And it is my honour to be interviewing her today.

Goddess Leonie is a mum, a writer, artist, creator, retreat maker and blogger who supports her family from her blogging.  Her focus, no her passion, is helping women discover the creative, wise, joyful goddess inside them. She does all this from a cottage in tropical paradise in Australia. She is successfully, authentically, sparklingly making a living from her creativity on the Internet.

I have been following Goddess Leonie for nearly 2 years now I think, and she often stops me in my tracks with the wisdom and beauty of her words. I do have a little confession to make, I’m not anywhere near as goddess-like as Leonie, but I still find myself drawn to her enthusiasm, joy, openness and caring nature. And she has helped remind me of the glitter loving girl inside!

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