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Snippets #5 | Artisantopia
Snippets #5

Snippets #5

Hi! Snippets of Inspiration is where I share the tasty morsels I’ve discovered on my wanderings around the Internet. Enjoy! (guaranteed calorie free)

I’ve just signed up for Andrea Schroeder of http://www.ABCcreativity.com free online art journalling course Creativity 101 which looks fantastic. I’ll let you know more once I have a chance to dive and have a good look around. You can sigh up here.

Still loving Pinterest – go have a look see at what I’ve found recently!

And…I thought I’d share some things you may not know about me. Why? Well, just because I can!!


  • I can’t think without a drink. Every time I sit down at the computer to work, I have to have a drink – whatever my current obsession is – in my favourite cup/mug. Then while working if I hit a sticky problem that needs extra concentration the first thing I do is go get another drink.


  • I make long term commitments to beverages. Once I decide I like a drink, I stick with it, for extended periods. You could say I’m a serial beverage monogamist. Currently it is sparkling mineral water with a slice of lemon or a Lipton’s Chai Latte.


  • I studied the Japanese language for 5 years after I finished high school and visited Japan twice.


  • I have itchy feet and love to travel. So far I’ve visited Japan x2, England x2, Wales, Scotland x3, France x4, Italy, Greece, Hong Kong x2, Chile and I’ve spent 2 nights in New York City – only part of USA I’ve seen (yet!). I’ve also spent the past 10 years travelling back and forwards regularly between Australia and New Zealand.


  • I cut all my family’s hair – including my own. And I colour my own. I’m a DIY kinda girl and my sister is a hairdresser and she taught me some basics. Every now and then I go to a hairdresser if I feel like a major style change or I need some pampering, but otherwise I do it myself. And not just my fringe, all of my hair. Yes, my sister is horrified.


  • I sound exactly the same as my Mum.


  • We have 2 dogs – Basenjis – that don’t bark. True. Look ‘em up!

Ok, that’s enough for now, I might do this again in the future. Or Not!! Who knows. I like a bit of mystery in my life.

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