Snippets 18 May 2011

Stampington are adding to their already impressive list of magazines with a new publication “Create With Me”. Looks interesting!


Oh my, this video by Goddess Leonie on Creative Everyday is just awesome. Go, watch!

This is one of my all time favourite songs by one of my favourite performers. I have seen Diesel live 4 times and he is an awesome, awesome performer.

I have to share this poem by Tara Sophia Mohr. So beautiful and just really speaks to me.

There could be this other way, she said, of living from the inside out.

Really doing it, she meant.

Letting go of, “I am she, of this name.
Of this home, and marriage, and weight.
Of this conduct. Of these beliefs, and not those.”

Instead, she said, it could be like this:
I weave at the river. I speak with fish.
When I stand at the water, the sun is in my chest.
The woods walk me home.

Most of the things I know have no words,
but I need none, for I am them.

On my last day, memory will be a blazing orange sunset,
and I’ll rest in the sling of the horizon.

The last word on my lips will be member:
I was a member of this, a limb of it.

I was that blessed –- to be a limb of it.

-Tara Sophia Mohr



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